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One of the most underrated tools to help stage a home for sale is by adding some greenery and plant life! Adding some plants in your home, especially as a much needed contrast to the desert landscape, can make a much better impression on potential buyers. It can improve air flow in the home as well.

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Photo credit: Michelle Boyle, California Chic Staging

Go-to prop: Fake tree or plant

Stager: Michelle Boyle, owner of California Chic Staging Co., Roseville, Calif.

Why I love it: “So many people use awful and outdated greenery in homes. Spending the money on really great greenery makes all the difference when creating a look and feel for a home. You want a fresh, modern piece to help accessorize the space.”


Photo credit: Michelle Boyle, California Chic Staging

Make it work tips: 

  • Learn the difference between a “good” fake tree and a “not so good” one. Typically, the better ones cost a lot more, but not always. Scout out places like Home Goods or Target. Some types of trees and plants can pull off being fake versus real much better, such as succulents, grasses, and Boyle’s personal favorite – the fiddle leaf fig tree.
  • A great place for adding greenery in a home is large empty corners of a room, coffee and side tables, and in bathrooms.
  • Don’t overdo it. Use fake greenery sparingly, such as one or two pieces in the main living room and one in each room thereafter.

Photo credit: Michelle Boyle, California Chic Staging


Photo credit: Michelle Boyle, California Chic Staging


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